What do Lemon Slices, Bell Peppers, Tin Cans and Onions have to do with Divorce?





As I was watching this video, with all these cool, simple and ingenious  tricks to “hack” the seeming inevitable cooking faux pas, it got me thinking!

 Drawing inspiration from this video, What ingenious “divorce hacks” can you introduce into your life to help manage the challenges you are facing at the moment?

We can both agree that life is surely full of challenges, and I am certain you can find a ton in your life in this moment.

 No doubt,  divorce is a very trying time with its own ups and downs.

As you already know my mission is to make this chapter of your life as manageable and bearable as possible.

So back to my question, drawing  parallels from this video, how can you begin to think outside the box in addressing some of the issues and concerns you are facing right now?

 For instance , 

 If you are struggling with  intense emotions (which is common place during this time) , what  can you use as  “lemon slices  to help give you some relief?  or

How can you begin to look at  the “bell peppers” (aka what you are working with already) in a way  that maximizes their unexplored potential? or

What “metal racks and tin cans” can you bring into the situation to help give you a better vantage point?

Food for thought right? … pardon the pun

I am curious to find out what you came up with . Please share your insights below

And as always remember, help is only a phone call away or should I say lemon slices away!


lemon slices and divorce
what do lemon slices and tin cans have to do with divorce?
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