Kiri Maponya, Westchester New York’s premier Divorce Coach, has a mission to change the way we settle divorce and custody disputes.  She wants to take the chaos and overwhelm out of the divorce process and bring back sanity, collaboration and

civility.  Specifically, she wants to eliminate the unnecessary pain, hurt, and suffering that’s at the heart of most divorce and custody battles.

This desire was awakened by the profound breakthroughs and lessons garnered from the healing journey of her own contentious and painful divorce and custody battle.   It is also a desire that was informed by her experiences growing up in South Africa (ZA), around conciliatory conflict resolution approaches that honored our sense of Humanity…affectionately referred to as Ubuntu in the local Zulu language.

This opened her up to seeing her divorce experience from a much more expanded and empowering perspective which in turn, brought about the realization that it didn’t have to be that way…that there’s got to be a better way! 

A way that brings civility, sanity and collaboration back into the process. A way that leaves our dignity intact. A way that safeguards the welfare of our children.  A way that honors and preserves our sense of  Humanity. Which she strongly believes, if we are shown how, that way is possible!