For the Sake of Our Children: Part 2

A Path  to Civility, Sanity and Collaboration…

First, what is it going to require of us?

💛 Its going to take some soul searching and the willingness and courage to go where

we may have never gone before or willing to go.

💛To take ownership of our own contribution to the situation.

💛Own our experience and our emotions.

💛Letting go of the “blame game” and be more solution focused.

💛Appeal to a more sensible and evolved aspect of ourself aka our Best Self.

1. Putting aside the Divorce Story

This asks of us to let go (or at very least, put it aside) of the divorce story. The story of

how we feel wronged and consequently what we feel we are owed in order to be made whole or write the wrong, and focus on what’s really at stake…the welfare of our children.

I can hear you saying, but Kiri you don’t understand. you don’t know what I am going through, what he/she put me through. The betrayal, the hurt, the shock…my life as I have known it, has been turned upside down. How do you expect me to put aside all of that or act as if it never happened?